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Knollwood Designs and Cabinetry have partnered with Holiday Kitchens and Green Forest Cabinetry to meet your kitchen and bathroom design needs.

Holiday Kitchens is based out of Wisconsin and was started in 1946 by three brothers to meet the post-war building boom. In 2012, it was purchased by a single owner who focuses on innovation and manufacturing efficiency to optimize product quality and presentation. It is now one of the fully custom, integrated cabinet companies in the USA, offering framed and frameless design collections to suit any price point. 

Their cabinets are available in various wood species with over 100 door styles and endless finish options. Holiday Kitchens continue to honor old world craftsmanship in combination with innovation and state-of-the-art equipment and process controls. They offer more than just kitchens. Options range from bathrooms, entertainment systems, custom bars and much more! 

Together, with Knollwood Designs and other local businesses, we offer a multitude of options and price ranges to fully complete any home project.

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Green Forest Cabinetry

Green Forest Cabinetry is based out of Chesapeake, VA and focuses on keeping things simple. Their values, standards and manufacturing experience have led to their cabinets being the best value on the market. Their cabinets are ingeniously crafted, offering solid wood, soft close drawer boxes, Sherwin Williams finishes and real wood interiors and exteriors. They offer warmth and charm with a dash of spice!

Knollwood Designs offers new construction or complete renovation with many design options to meet your specific needs. We help guide our customers through the process of laying out the perfect design in any area of the home, office, closet or garage spaces. Knollwood Designs then custom designs a layout, working with the manufacturer, to have your ideal cabinets built, shipped and assembled to your specification.